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xAd, Inc.

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, marketing collateral, Website, Brand + Business Audit, Trade Show Collateral


xAd, Inc. is a global leader in the location-based mobile advertising industry. They came to us in need of a new website that would speak to their target audiences and align with their matured brand identity. Once we began the collaborative process, we realized that it was the perfect time to roll out a new brand identity and strategy as well.

Strategic Solutions

We teamed up with xAd to conduct a business + brand audit that would guide us toward creating a brand strategy and identity that accurately positions them in the marketplace. From there, we developed a brand identity and messaging that supports their position in the marketplace as a trustworthy leader and aligns with their business strategy. To bolster their marketing efforts we also designed marketing and trade show collateral to match their refreshed brand. With the foundational elements in place, we developed a completely custom and responsive website which is used to tell their brand story in the digital sphere.