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Local 1205

Brand Identity, Signage, Environmental Graphics








Owner Craig Weiss had a vision for Local 1205—a globally-inspired local hangout for the residents of Venice Beach, CA. Inspired by his worldly travels, Craig’s mission was to bring the freshest and most authentic ingredients under one roof—to build a place where you could buy everything from cold-pressed juices and fresh flowers to smoked kielbasa and imported olive oils. In need of a brand identity and a restaurant interior to match, Craig partnered with the good ol’ MM team.

Strategic Solutions

MM strategized with Local 1205 to create the brand identity—including the interior look and feel. The French Industrial furnishings reinforced the global influence and down-to-earth aesthetic that was at the core of Local 1205’s values. The logo was developed in layers so it could translate to various materials and formats—a circle reminiscent of NYC’s manhole covers. The materials, colors, and finishes were carefully sourced and selected to reflect an inviting upscale European market which can be seen at Local 1205 today.