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Lass & Lad

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, naming, Brand + Business Audit

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Lass & Lad came to MM in need of a brand foundation (strategy, identity, and name) that would represent and position the brand’s health-conscious products and services in the Chinese market. The new business entity aims to be the first provider of baby and child room furniture, design, and décor that will act as a total solution for parents and minimize the hassle that typically goes into the buying process.

Strategic Solutions

We worked with Lass & Lad to develop a brand foundation that totally encompasses and supports their business goals. The brand strategy appeals to both the functional and emotional assets of the brand to provide audiences with a well-rounded message, while also establishing the new brand. Lass & Lad’s visual identity straddles the line between elegant and friendly, appealing to both children and adults alike. Together, the brand strategy and identity provide Lass & Lad with a brand as unique as their business.