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2016 Year of the Monkey Series

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MM-Brand-Agency-Movie-Posters-Set 2

MM-Brand-Agency-Movie-Posters_Set 3



Each year for a decade, we’ve developed a self-promotional campaign based on the Lunar Calendar. Our goal for 2016? Engage audiences with a fun-spirited creative campaign celebrating the Year of the Monkey through a series of digital touch points that highlight our talents as an award-winning brand experience agency.    

Strategic Solutions

McRoberts the Monkey takes over the big screen…By combining imagination with strategic thinking, our creative team devised a self-promotional campaign surrounding 2016’s Year of the Monkey. We put a creative cinematic twist on a digital campaign that lead users through a monthly series of reimagined movie posters that pulled in the talents of local illustrators to bring the concept to life. A custom landing page featuring 6 reimagined movie posters invited site visitors to register for an MM Night At The Movies event to monkey around with the local MM team in Phoenix.