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2015 Year of the Ram

Direct Mail Collateral, Playing Cards, custom calendar, custom cards, year of the ram


Each year, we custom-design a self-promotional piece that celebrates the Chinese New Year and our closely bonded group of creatives—locally, nationally, and internationally. In 2015, we decided to tackle a clean design that would unite our community in celebration of the Year of the Ram.

Strategic Solutions

This project was designed, sourced, and produced within a 6-mile pocket of creativity in Downtown Phoenix. With a clean and modern approach in mind, we custom-designed a playing card calendar that is Swiss-inspired. A bold and vibrant color palette brings the strength of the ram to life and introduces a modern tone. A celebratory poem urges one to pay homage to the ram and his reign, and the calendar cards are set to be displayed in a wooden holder made of ply-boo—a renewable resource. Partners: Ply-boo Holders, Asteriskos | Printer, O’Neil