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2013 Year Of The Snake

Direct Mail Collateral, Poster + Calendar Design











Here at MM, we design and coordinate an annual direct mail campaign to promote brand awareness, bring together the creative community, and cultivate potential business relationships in good chemistry. During the previous mailing campaigns, we had adhered to a standard format for the calendar piece. We decided to challenge ourselves to design collateral that would break the mold, tie in to social media, and hand-deliver the pieces for in-person impressions.

Strategic Solutions

With design and production costs in mind, we crafted a unique direct mail calendar campaign that bolstered our brand awareness. We created custom graphics that aligned with the “Year of the Snake 2013” theme to carry the campaign over to social media channels and broaden our reach. The calendar served as a direct mail piece, but also doubled as an invite to our annual “Snake Soiree” which fostered a last point of interaction between our team and targeted invitees.