Many business owners are seeking to understand the ever-shifting online landscape—which social media platform can best enhance their online presence for their products and services? As a marketing agency that understands this complex landscape, we are here to help clear up some confusion. Each online platform reaches a unique targeted audience, has specific communication style standards, and may or may not be the right fit for your online marketing strategy.

“Start real conversations with the right people” -Google

Recently, Google Plus released their Brand pages for businesses—yet another social media platform to set-up, manage, and populate with brand messaging! So, what sets Google Plus apart from the millions of other social media platforms that are all vying for your brand’s online presence?

Take a look at the Starbucks business page on Google Plus to get an idea of what brands are doing on the emerging social media platform.

Almost everyone is interacting with Google in some way or another every time they hop online—whether they are watching a video on YouTube, researching their next big purchase, or looking up directions on Google Maps. A brand with a Google Plus page is positioned to enhance their natural SEO, simply by being on a platform owned by the company that powers the most popular search engine on the planet. For a business, this means people will be more likely to find your page when searching the market for what product or service that you offer.

Another good example of a brand that is doing it right on Google Plus is Porsche—striking up the right conversations with the right people.

Google Plus offers customized features such as: 1) Google Circles (which provides the ability to target content towards segmented audiences such as customers, employees, and stakeholders) 2) real-time video chat (with up to 10 people in a Google hang-out), and 3) Direct Connect (connect with your most interested users directly from their search results page by sharing your recent posts, your profile preview, and the opportunity to follow your business).

Need help setting up your Google Plus page or interested in chatting about what can be done to improve your online presence? We’re here to help. Be sure to connect with us on Google Plus—the right conversations with the right people— we call it good chemistry!