We get it. You’re head over heels in love with your business idea and you’ve poured in the sweat and tears needed to propel that idea from a jello-like concept to a tangible entity. We’re sure you’re just itching to shout your brand message from rooftops, mountaintops, and convention centers all over the world.

Before you go spreading that jibber-jabber of brand awesomeness, take a second to think about the readiness of your brand’s voice box by asking yourself if your brand has identified it’s authentic voice.

We’re sure your brand is unique (it’s made up of it’s one-of-a-kind brand DNA after all) and it has a voice box pretty much built in.  Here are a two ways to fine-tune your brand’s voice box and prepare it to take center stage.

Know Who You Are
You might have difficult time pairing the voice of Ozzy Osbourne with the face of Shirley Temple, and that’s no surprise. Most voices match the identities they represent and have remained consistent. The same should go for you brand. Take the time to figure out exactly who you are and what your brand stands for in order to craft a voice that fits like a glove.

Know Your Audience
Let’s not get carried away here. You’re definitely the star of the show, but we shouldn’t forget about your audience. The most brilliant storytellers take the time to listen and understand their crowd before they take to the stage; that way they can use their brand voice to connect with their audience using a balance of emotional and functional appeals. Use your ears before you open your mouth and you may find your voice becomes more easily heard and recognized among the mass of white noise.

Need to take a few voice lessons before going on your world tour? We’d love to strategically tune your brand’s voice box until you’re pitch perfect. Holler at us.