Take a look at successful brands around the world and you’ll see that the brand experience they’ve developed is based on a premise of happiness. Happiness with their employees, customers, shareholders, and partners speaks volumes about the type of brand they are and the values that drive their organization forward.

Some business leaders equate customer happiness, or satisfaction, directly with revenue growth—and why not? It makes sense that the brands that flourish cultivate a strong culture of positive customer service that keeps its employee morale high and repeat customers coming back for more.

Take Zappos for example, one of the first online vendors dedicated wholly to the shoe industry. In his book “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose,” Zappo’s CEO Tony Hseih speaks a length about the positive effects happiness can have on a business.

“There’s three types of happiness and really happiness is about being able to combine pleasure, passion, and purpose in one’s personal life. I think it’s helpful and useful to actually think about all three in terms of how you can make customers happier, employees happier, and ultimately, investors happier…” —Tony Hseih (Source: Fast Company)

There’s a problem, however, and it revolves around a question psychologists have been trying to answer for decades—how can happiness be measured? When it comes to customer loyalty, brands can now use a point system called Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge customer relationships. In a world driven by data and analytics, brands can now harness the power of a Net Promoter Score through a variety of tools to see how they are doing when it comes to customer services…and this can be a complete game changer.

Armed with such valuable knowledge of their brand’s relationships with customers, executives can then make informed decisions about how to improve upon the scores—thus improving their customer loyalty across the board and increasing the likelihood of repeat customers, referrals, and a stronger customer base.

How Can We Help?

As a brand agency, nothing tickles us more than to see business delivering on the brand promise of happiness. If you’re an organization that feels there’s a bit of work that needs to be done when it comes to customer loyalty or employee happiness, we’d love to help you understand and utilize your Net Promoter Score to turn things around—shoot us a note and let’s make smiles happen.