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Developing Brand Personality

All humans are very similar in composition and build in the grand scheme of biology—there are certain physical characteristics that set us apart from other species and help us [...] Read More


Brand Work That Lasts

Back in 1886, curiosity got the best of a physicist named Dr. John S. Pemberton in Atlanta, which led him to the development of a distinctive tasting soft drink [...] Read More

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Why Your Brand Should Hustle

The brands with the smarts, the ones that have maneuvered their way to the upper echelon of success, are ones that were tireless. The ones that planned out their [...] Read More

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6 Quick Tips For Brand Growth

The billion dollar brands we swoon over, as both marketers and consumers, didn’t become brand all stars in the blink of an eye. They understood that a brand isn’t [...] Read More

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The Importance Of Brand Strategy

“The brand development process is a journey of self-discovery. It drives awareness of who we are, and the story to be shared about us.”—Peter Ruppe I was reading an [...] Read More

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A Corporate Naming Strategy

If you thought it was difficult to name your offspring, imagine the complexity that accompanies the naming (or renaming) of a corporate identity. There are various audiences involved in [...] Read More

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Sharpen Your Brand Focus

While your brand should be doing some heavy lifting on behalf of your business goals, the most clever brand directors know that it can’t possibly do all the lifting. [...] Read More

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Is Your Brand Thinking Critically?

Blind optimism can be the downfall of any well-built team, organization, or company. As humans, we’re psychologically and biologically programmed to move towards the “good” and ignore the red [...] Read More

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What’s The Value Of A Brand?

To preface, an explanation of what a brand is and how the valuation of a brand can occur. A brand—in its most pure sense—is intangible. While often misperceived as [...] Read More