All humans are very similar in composition and build in the grand scheme of biology—there are certain physical characteristics that set us apart from other species and help us identify our own kind. What makes us different from one another? Well, that’s much more than just DNA. Our unique personalities are formed in part by the cultural context we were raised in, the values and morals of our families and societies, our familial structure, our education, and so much more. Much like humans, each business has its own unique brand personality that conveys their culture, their values, their goals, and their identity.

We’ve worked with brands of all sizes and in all industries over the years, and one constant is that they all have their own brand personality. We’ve worked with a healthcare marketing company that likened their personality to the strategic, problem-solver Olivia Pope from the hit show Scandal. We’ve worked with a business consultant that relates her brand traits to the self-help personalities of Wayne Dyer and Caroline Myss.

What you might be wondering is “can the personality of my brand determine my success?”

In part, yes. Defining your brand personality can result in several positive growth factors that will clarify your path to success and help you strategically grow your brand.

 Defining brand personality can…

  • Help you align your messaging and the overall look-and-feel of your company with your various audience(s) (internal and external)
  • Ensure your internal team gains consensus and clarity related to your brand values, cultural tenets, and organizational styles
  • Guide future brand, marketing, or advertising work to be cohesive and consistent
  • Build brand recognition and accelerate the value of your brand over time
  • Balance out the logistical/operational assets that your brand possesses
  • Set your brand distinctly apart from the competition in the marketplace
  • Reinforce your business goals and help you achieve them

As a brand strategist, it’s easy for me to quickly identify the differences in personality between the transportation companies Lyft and Uber. Their unique personalities are conveyed in their brand identities and their color palettes, their marketing campaigns, and the overall voice and tone of their messaging. What’s even better? An every day person can also tell these differences and will likely resonate with one brand over another for a variety of psychological reasons and shared values.

These great brands have dialed in on who exactly they are and have consistently portrayed that brand personality to the world—making it obvious who they are, who they want to work with, and why.

Need some help doing a little soul-searching for your brand? We offer a half-day Clarify Workshop meant to do just that. The result? A well-defined brand personality (and much more) that will help you leverage your true self in a crowded marketplace—ultimately making it easier for you to accomplish your business goals. Interested? Shoot us a note.