The best brands known to humankind our comprised of two components: functional assets and emotional assets. While the functional assets of a brand focus on logistical operations such as business strategies, partnerships and alliances, goals and metrics; the emotional assets of a brand focus on your brand personality, your organizational culture, your values, and your brand promise. Wondering how to develop a sustainable brand?

The perfect amalgam of brand science comes to fruition when a brand is developed with both functional assets and emotional assets in mind—thus creating a balanced brand story that can scale operationally while resonating with the humans that power it (both internally and externally).

We often find that traditional corporations who have found success lean heavily toward the functional assets of their brand and sometimes miss the mark when it comes to cultivating a thriving culture that enables them to live their brand instead of just acting on their brand. On the flipside, we’ve worked with our fair share of nonprofits that rely solely on their culture (often based in emotional causes we can relate to) and lack the ability to sustain successful business operations as an organization needing to raise funds and execute strategies.

Here are a few key questions to help you identify where your brand could improve in either category…

Functional Assets

Do you have a finalized business plan?

Is your business plan still relevant to the marketplace?

What is your unique position in the marketplace?

Who are your key players and what are their roles?

Who are your competitors and partners?

How do you plan to scale? (extra: download our free ebook on brand growth)


Emotional Assets

What is the voice and tone of your brand story?

What is your brand personality?

How is color psychology being used to connect with your audience?

What are the values you share with your audience?

Is your brand story consistently conveyed?

Is your brand voice aligned with your business + marketing strategies?

We work with businesses looking to establish or reinvent their brand through a collaborative process that ensures sustainability and durability in the marketplace.

Unlike most brand agencies, we believe business strategies and brand strategies work hand-in-hand to develop a long-lasting, sustainable brand. Interested in a collaborative discovery workshop to define the road ahead? Shoot us a note.