Back in 1886, curiosity got the best of a physicist named Dr. John S. Pemberton in Atlanta, which led him to the development of a distinctive tasting soft drink now known worldwide as Coca-Cola. Over the last 100 years, the Coca-Cola brand has become one of the most loved in the world. While the Coca-Cola brand has evolved over the last century, their equity has not faded. Why is this? Well, the folks over at Coca-Cola understand why it’s important to dedicate efforts to brand work that sustains…

According to, Coca-Cola is seeing an estimated brand value of almost 81 billion dollars in 2016. How’s that for ROI? There are other companies who have invested in their brand over the years and have reaped the benefits as well…think Levi’s, Apple, Nike, Google, GE.

Often, I’m asked—“Well, why should I invest money in brand work rather than in getting the word out via advertising campaigns? We need revenue.”

Here’s the thing…without a solid brand foundation in place, every dollar spent on advertising is likely about half as effective as it could be were it promoting a well-formed foundation. It’s important to realize that brand work is forever and it should be the glue that sustains your company internally and externally for years to come.

Advertising, however, is fleeting. Advertising is a digital marketing tool used to promote a brand once it’s formed and finalized, once there is a core story to be told on behalf of your business.

Looking for a display of magic? Well, the true magic comes in when a business has invested in their brand first and their advertising second. If you’re constantly feeding cash into marketing and advertising efforts that aren’t converting—it may be time to check in your brand to identify some gaps and opportunities for improvement.

We have a keen eye that’s been specially trained to spot areas for improvement that will garner short- and long-term results for your business. Sherlock Holmes may have crime covered, but we’re pretty solid detectives ourselves. Need an investigative hand? Shoot us a note.