Brand architecture is similar in a way to the lives of bees. A queen bee (the parent brand) has an ongoing goal of promoting unity and growth within the colony, while the worker bees (sub-brands) work together to meet the queen bee’s goals. A disruption in this hierarchy causes dissolution of the colony, much like how an unorganized brand structure can dilute the credibility and growth of a business.

Brand architecture is the structure that multi-level corporations need in order to champion success. This architecture helps companies understand the relationships between parent brands and sub-brands, ultimately providing paths for company growth that support the overall vision of the business.

For example, the parent brand Post (as in Post cereals) currently has 14 unique brands of cereal underneath it—all endorsed by the equity that has been built for the recognizable parent brand. If I were shopping for a new cereal, I may be a bit hesitant to try one that I had never heard of before but once I see the Post logo, my opinion might change. I have a trusting relationship with the Post brand that allows me to set aside my hesitation and follow through with my purchase. Rather than working in silos, each of these sub-brands works together with the parent brand to bring the company success.

What’s key is that the parent brand sets up a strategy for the future development of brands right out of the gate. By developing this plan, a business is able to get a bird’s eye view of how each brand relates with the other and how it can consistently tell a comprehensive brand story to it’s marketplace—ultimately, building company valuation and driving purchases through various sub-brands.

Understanding your brand architecture doesn’t just help consumers make purchase decisions either. In fact, a well-organized brand structure will move internal operations forward in all the right ways and eliminate confusion that various departments within your organization may have.

We help brands develop and architecture that makes sense with their business and marketing strategies. Whether you need help auditing an existing business or laying the proper structure for a new venture—shoot us a note, we’d be happy to help make sense of the chaos.