The brands with the smarts, the ones that have maneuvered their way to the upper echelon of success, are ones that were tireless. The ones that planned out their vision in the early days and followed that vision like it was the north star and without it they’d be lost in the woods. These are the big-hitting brands, like Apple; Google; or Coca Cola that become household names and continue to be loved by their audiences.

Which brings me to the topic of brand hustle and how—if you plan on going anywhere—you should have it. Gary Vaynerchuck, the so-called master of hustle, says, “Stop whining, start hustling.” We couldn’t agree more. And here’s the thing—it’s never too late to hustle. We’ve seen dozens of brands on the way down hill make a complete pivot and rise to the top. These brands were proactive and strategic with their planning. They plotted their path to brand victory and they stuck to it like glue, and worked hard at it every. single. day.

How many brands have you seen that are stuck in a mode of reaction and can’t seem to make progress? Somewhere along the line, they likely got caught in the weeds and stopped seeing the forest through the trees. Pro tip: don’t do this.

Brand hustle isn’t moving at the speed of light and making hasty decisions, but rather dedicating a good portion of your resources every day to promoting the well-being of what you’ve built. It’s driving your culture, your business, and your team forward with vigor. Another thing—don’t let the failures and mistakes bring you down. Learn from them and devise a way to strategically conquer your shortcomings. It’s no secret that the majority of brands fail, but you don’t have to be one of them. Rally your troops and problem solve with the best of them.

Key elements of brand hustle:

  • Know your game like the back of your hand. Study the ins and outs of your industry and stake a claim with a unique brand positioning.
  • Evolve your brand strategically. Plot out your next steps in advance and make sure that you don’t run blindly into every opportunity that presents itself. Act with purpose.
  • Put people first. No brand ever succeeded on the back of one person along. Grow your “tribe” as Seth Godin calls it—and delegate out the hustle for optimum results.
  • Keep you brand together. You can’t hustle towards the finish line if your brand is fractured into a million tiny pieces. Stay consistent with your brand as you market your content. This will help you stay focused and create brand recognition.
  • Celebrate the wins. We all want to feel valued and worthwhile, which is why every win—no matter how small—should be celebrated. Keep the optimistic momentum going and instill sensible pride into your brand’s culture.

Moving at a snail’s pace and looking to pick up the momentum in a strategic way? Shoot us a note—we’d be happy to help guide you towards your north star.