When a brand is continuously inconsistent with their image, it’s easy for them to get off track. Imagine if train tracks were constructed differently in England and Ireland—it would be impossible for any train to get from point A to point B. The train would be stuck and no one would want to get on board, because passengers simply couldn’t arrive at their final destination. So the question is—how do you ensure your brand gets where it needs to go? How can you ensure you craft a consistent brand?

Never forget that your brand is your first impression, it’s your personality, and it’s your one chance to draw people in. Through consistent experiences with your brand, consumers begin to know what your brand story is all about and can form psychological connections and recognition to your brand in various ways.

Businesses that consistently maintain their brand, such as Apple or Android, have made it super simple for their audience to recognize their brand and connect the dots of their brand story. From their digital presence, to their products—everyone recognizes these brands following their first impression.

Now, how in the world are these companies so successful? Well, not only do they understand themselves, but they also have a clear-cut definition of what their brand is. They each have brand guidelines and standards that they follow day-in and day-out. These guidelines detail how to maintain their brand image and brand messaging in a consistent way. In short, it keeps them on track.

A brand standards manual is unique to your brand alone, and includes all of the basic elements that build your brand. From foundational messaging, to the rules for implementing your logo, to the color palette, custom icons/graphics, and more—all should be included in such a manual. At the end of the day, it creates a marriage between your brand identity and brand strategy.

Could your brand consistency use a little help to get back on track? Shoot us a message if you need some direction. It’s in our nature to create happy brands.